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The Fabulous Couples Companion

Couples Companion

How would you two like to be pampered and treated like a Royalty?

Lets Spice it Up!

Along with pampering and appreciating you two. It gives me pleasure to comfort you both. My couples sessions vary in what you two are ready to expand in. I go as deep as you desire in having a cocktail in a romantic public setting, body healing, Sensual Tantra and fantasy novelty play. My sessions are very fluid and weaving ecstasy in a cellular level. I provide a mutually safe, nurturing, affectionate and an authentic environment. Let's discover your passions! What makes you both happy beyond the external world? How would you two like to be appreciated? ​I will guide you two into being fully Self Expressed with complete enjoyment. Most importantly my sessions are made with love and having FUN 😘😘😘 

My Education

I have a rich background of Family and Marriage in sociology/communication. Along with the study of human erotica. Anatomy and physiology focusing on pleasure. My education continues in participating in Tantra and Goddess retreats worldwide. I continue attending and participating in advance relationship and communication workshops conducted by renown leaders. I also studied early childhood development. I am here to guide your relationship to enlightenment.


I have always worked in the service of others. I was a CNA from 1996-2002.  Preschool Aide 1998-2002. An exotic dancer 1998-2006. My favorite lap dances are with Couples. Dungeon Mistress 1999-2008. Currently a Relationship Erotic Empowerment Guide since 2014.

Do you have any Questions?

I highly suggest having a conversation with me to discuss what is comfortable for your relationship as a unit.