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Monica's Sacred Tantra

My custom Delightful Sensual Tantra includes a sensual Tantric Luxury Touch & Body Healing Arts. Our Tantra session is playing with the waves of ecstasy during your euphoric sensual state I created. This incorporates a unique breathing, erotic awakening and orgasmic mediation technique. To have a long lasting intimate experience. Then take your experience on moving forward into your personal life with your loved one.

Please note: FS is unavailable in all sessions.

My Education with Tantra

I study Tantra extensively worldwide since 2014. I am very passionate attending to you in our sacred moments. I invested in diverse "Goddess Retreats" at Tulum Mexico, Hawaii, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Brasil, Sedona, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Both my home-bases Massachusetts and Manhattan. 

I participated in many Tantra classes at Kripula, Kundalini East, Agama Red Tantra Yoga, and White Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai. I have had private Red/Dark Tantra Coaches and Guru's in the Tantra linages of Sri Vidya and Kapalika Aghori. 

I continue learning and expanding in the art of Tantra. With my education in Tantra I am able to provide a beautiful custom experience you will appreciate. 


My Custom Freestyle Tantra Sessions: 

Has helped many women and men with their self esteem and confidence. Then I guide them to be fully embodied in a pleasurable state. I have healed many women and men with shame & trauma. Including pelvis and vaginal issues. I have helped many men with premature ejaculation, impotence, and prostate issues. Moreover, reaching full erection after radiation therapy from their prostate cancer. Disclaimer: Everyone's healing process is different and many have different results. I am a sensual healer. I do not cure anyone.

I am a firm believer that orgasms are "creative life force energy to raise vibrations" 

My custom tantra is truly a "Sensual Healing Art." 

Here are my Questions for You?

1. How would you like to expand your self expression?

2. How would you like to implement sensuality in your daily life?

3. What are your top 3 intentions in our tantra session?

4. How can I best support you if any resistance or challenges arise?