Welcome to Monica's Magic Touch

Your VIP Experience

To my King and Queen

How would you like to be pampered and treated like Royalty? Receive personalized attention from me, spending hours of Sensory play and pleasure. Invite me to be the Life of your Party. 

I provide a unique experience that combines pleasure and sensuality with spontaneous adventures such as skydiving, scuba diving, hiking and other high adrenaline fun! If you're looking for the perfect companion to be on your arm at that special social gathering and be the life of the party.... Have fun, get down and sexy, look no further! 

~ VIP experience is custom tailored to meet your needs. All VIP's includes your choice of Body Healing Arts, Sensual Freestyle Tantra, and/or Fantasy Fetish. It may include a luxury hotel, Spa Treatments, Fine Dining, Party Favors plus more 

Let me make you HAPPY!

I have a beautiful, inspiring and charming personality. I am the Sacred Sensual Healer & an Elite Eros Professional Companion. Come experience an exotic, fun & divine goddess made of sweetness to comfort you.

My SEXY & SENSUAL energy will awaken your internal bliss. Start living the orgasmic pleasurable life you deserve.

 You will feel pure positive energy, universal love and relaxation.

 I have the "Magic Touch"


Lets start the FUN!!!

I do offer all day/night tantric bliss, local or international travel companionship. We will discuss this further after establishing TRUST, RESPECT and APPRECIATION. I am open to attend to you with other elite refine providers. I prefer to have only “ONE KING“ in the HOUSE.  

My Mission

My mission is to provide the utmost fulfillment that you will experience. You are going to feel euphoric, ecstatic and liberated. It is extremely important that you experience complete enjoyment. Contact me NOW to start feeling Incredible! I always provide a genuine, exciting & sexy atmosphere.  Protecting our privacy and creating a sacred safe space is my TOP priority. I will be your "CHEERLEADER" "LOYAL CONFIDANT" and “CARING BEST FRIEND“ Furthermore, you will be in pure bliss for days after.. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Terms: 50% of donations must be deposited prior to our Journey. I am also open to travel for Half Day or Full Day. I am requesting my own private hotel room during Half or Full Day. Please respect my time and privacy. Thank you